Kurzer medientheoretisch-netzpolitischer Zwischenruf: Auf der kürzlich zu Ende gegangenen Transmedial in Berlin sprach Mark Surman, Geschäftsführer der Mozilla Foundation, über die Bedeutung des offenen Netzes. Der knapp 45-minütige Vortrag ist nun online verfügbar.

transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2011 by Mark Surman, Mozilla Foundation from transmediale.

Über den Sprecher:

Mark Surman is one of the world’s leading proponents for open technologies and the development of a truly Open Net. His very business is that of connecting things: people, ideas, everything. As a community technology activist for over 20 years, Mark focuses on inventing new ways to promote openness, opportunity, and freedom on the Internet, for which Mozilla, Drumbeat, his international ‚open everything‘ conversations and summits are but a few of the platforms manifesting his vision and goals. Together with transmediale, Mark and Drumbeat introduced the first ever Open Web Award

Über den Vortrag:

Marshall McLuhan helped us imagine a global village over 40 years ago. Now we live in this village everyday. It’s not only mediated and connected, but also shaped by ideas about freedom and openness that we could barely have imagined in the era of television and gas guzzling automobiles. Taking a tour from McLuhan to free software pioneer Richard Stallman and Tim Berners Lee, Mozilla’s Mark Surman reflects on what the global village we’re all building together can be in this era defined by the web

(via Netzpolitik)